Bullet Lube Info

Our lube is made up with the following ingredients and approximate percentages. The lube flows at @ 140° F under pressure. This formula was found to hold up excellent in shipping and still do well with preventing leading as well as conditioning the bore.

  • Beeswax 48%
  • Paraffin 48%
  • Carnuba flakes 1%
  • Lanolin 3%
  • dye 1%

We also offer our bullets "as cast" for those that want to size and lube themselves. We also ship sized without lube that caters to those of you that wish to powdercoat or use in an air gun. They may contain a trace of lanolin which can be removed with alcohol or another suitable solvent if planning on using an altenative coating process. Those shooting PCP / airguns may find the lanolin useful as it is organic and won't detonate under pressure.

To order our bullets sized but not lubed just select the size you desire as normal and then add a note during checkout in the notes field to please not lube. We do plan to add the unlubed option on the actual product pages as time permits since we do sell quite a few sized and not lubed.

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