Alloy information

Our lead alloys are bought certified from a foundry as virgin materials here in the USA. They have been tested in the various bullet profiles we use them in both hunting and testing penetration in water jugs, both with a barrier and without. We have found recovered bullets from the water jug tests to closely resemble those we have recovered from game animals. We have also noted similar penetration depths as well.

2-2-96 our general handgun alloy and lower velocity rifle alloy. The 2-2-96 is 2 parts tin - 2 parts antimony - 96 parts lead.

3-3-94 is our general rifle alloy and also used in our "hard cast" hand gun bullets. This alloy is 3 parts tin - 3 parts antimony - 94 parts lead.

We also have pure lead as well as pure tin available for custom lead and tin blends. We offer the lead and lead/tin blend for users that use PCP air guns on some occasions where expansion is desired at a lower velocity.

We have found BHN measurements to be of little use in determining suitability of an alloy to a particular application since 2 different alloys with totally different characteristics can measure the same or close to each other. We prefer softer alloys that are more inline with the hardness of lead used before the days when "hard cast" became the buzzword for bullet casting metal.

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