435gr LSWC with hollow point cast lead 45/70 bullets Plain Base

  • Model: 45-70-435-LSWCHP-459

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435gr lead semi wad cutter with hollow point with a plain base. This LSWCHP cast lead bullet is for 45/70 and other .458 caliber rifles as a heavy weight choice to ensure maximum penetration with violent expansion. It also is a wad cutter so will punch nice clean holes in cardboard and paper targets.It does not have a crimp groove so if a crimp is desired you can crimp over the shoulder or in the top lube goove etc. Comes sized to .459" but also has an optional sizing of .460 and we will offer .461 and .462 when dies are on hand for the larger sizing. They also come lubed and ready to load unless asked to send without lube or choosing the "as cast" option.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 17 January, 2020.


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