140gr lead Flat Point Bulletls 9mm

  • Model: 9mm-140-rnfp-358

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140 grain 9mm Round Nose Flat Point Cast lead bullets. Very nice design that is very accurate and feeds well in most 9mm semi auto pistols and carbines. This design is based on a popular 147gr design that has the base shortened to allow more case capacity while loading to the same length.

Bullet is sized and lubed to .358 so it can also be loaded as a light 38 caliber design and helps accuracy for those 9mm with a slight oversize bore. It can also be ordered in 357 or .356 size if desired but from my experience works well in most 9mm as sized. This bullet also is a good choice to help make power factor for competition shooting at lower velocities and recoil or higher velocities as well as for hunting.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 19 March, 2014.


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