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38 caliber 145gr Lead Semi Wad Cutter with Hollow Point


Will send you a photo of the beautiful performance of your .38-145-SWCHP into water-filled milk jugs at about 825 fps, from a 4" M33-1 in caliber .38 S&W. Symmetrical, dramatic mushroom to .61 caliber, penetrated into 4th jug! Maybe you can use it on your website.

I'll take a couple of pictures tonight and send them to you. Even if you're limited in your ability to post photos, you can always describe the results. I'll include a comparison photo showing a 135g Gold Dot-SB at approx. 860 fps that mushroomed to .60", almost precisely the same as yours (.61") at 825. The GD has the advantage of sharp petals to cut tissue, but your soft lead has the advantage of greater pulverizing effects against bone. And, I can't remember the last time I actually saw a 135g GD actually available!!
(added by Dana Mangham 05/07/2015)

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