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44 caliber 190gr Lead Semi Wadcutter lightweight cast bullets


My .44 sp. has set in the safe for many years for lack of a suitable
projectile. I can't trust a Jacked bullet to open reliably at 1K F.P.S.
The .44 195gr. SWCHP's are perfect in every way. I could not be more
delighted. Man! That hollow point is enormous! Just what I want.

You know what I do about cast bullets. Lead is softer than any jacketing,
AND they are lubricated.
They reduce pressure, while increasing velocity. So: they can take more
powder, with less pressure than any jacketed bullet can.

Writing my book on Ezekiel trumps everything, so I won't get to them right

I'll start with 7 gr. of 231, Walk loads up, and then back off to a clearly
safe level.

I expect to Chronograph my final load at 1000 + F.P.S. from my 2" S.S.
Taurus 2" barrel. It's timing and smooth action are perfect.

I like my .40 S&W Kahr CW40 a lot, but all automatics are subject to an
occasional jam, that take two hands and precious time to "clear".

My Glaco holster is to tight, but it fits my Blackhawk perfectly.

I am happy as a clam!
Date Added: 08/21/2018 by John B.


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