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Model: 457-70-400-HP-459
Price: $22.31

Date Added: Tuesday 12 November, 2019
400 grain 45 caliber wide flat hollow point cast lead bullets with crimp groove to fit 45/70. Very nice plain base design is very accurate and gives ... more info

Model: 45-325-HP-454
Price: $17.50

Date Added: Saturday 02 November, 2019
Hollow point hand cast lead bullet for 45 caliber This is a heavy hollow point bullet available in .452, .453, .454. Gas checked, lubed and ready to ... more info

Model: 45-70-435-LSWCHP-459
Price: $30.49

Date Added: Saturday 02 November, 2019
435gr lead semi wad cutter with hollow point and gas check. We are proud to offer this LSWCHP cast lead bullet for 45/70 rifles as a heavy weight ... more info

Model: 32-125-wfn-313
Price: $10.41

Date Added: Wednesday 09 October, 2019
125 grain 32 caliber cast lead wide flat nose bullets. This bullet is suitable for the 32-20 and 32 magnum as well as other 32 caliber needs. This ... more info
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Holiday Discounts