45 cal 245gr LSWC cast lead bullets

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245gr 45 caliber lead semi-wadcutter bullets. Very nice LSWC design is very accurate and gives all the advantages of a LSWC design to get maximum penetration for hunting, self defense and target shooting. This is a plain base LSWC  in 45 caliber is suitable for most of your 45 caliber needs. This bullet has a crimp groove for loads that require it but can be loaded in others as well. Cuts nice clean 45 caliber holes on targets.

Sized and lubed to .452. Optional sizing available to .454 if needed for older 45 Colt revolvers or if your bore requires it. Shipping will be delayed for special sizing as they are not kept in stock.

Cast with 2-2-96 alloy

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 16 June, 2021.

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