30 caliber 175gr SIL Hollow Point with gas check lead bullet

  • Model: 30-175-SIL-HP-309

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30 caliber cast lead rifle bullets with Hornady gas checks and hollow point. 175 grain hollow point lead bullet that is a great heavier weight choice for your 30 caliber rifle needs. Sized to .309 and lubed with Hornady gas checks installed. A very accurate hand cast lead bullet designed to expand on impact with minimal weight loss at most velocities. This bullet is based on the RCBS SIL (silhouette) bullets that are for long range accuracy. We have been hunting with these for the 2019 Deer season and have found excellent accuracy combined with excellent terminal performance. After several deer and hogs we are confident in it's performance.All went down right there except 1 deer and 1 hog which made in 10-20 yards leaving a very nice blood trail. Ready for every day target shooting or taking out for the hunt. Optional sizing of .310 and .311. Please select the optional sizes when ordering.

Alloy is 3-3-96 for this profile. (3 parts tin-3 parts antimony-94 parts lead)

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 17 January, 2019.


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