45 cal 225gr Hollow Point LSWC cast lead bullets


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All great things are worth the wait..just ordered my 3rd batch of various cals and sizes.Everything
Date Added: 12/21/2021 by walter t.
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These are awesome. Loaded in 45 auto rim cases over W231. Very accurate from my S&W 625....
Date Added: 08/02/2020 by Andrew T.
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These should be every handloaders go to bullet for .45Colt. Absolutely love this bullet. Works well
Date Added: 02/13/2020 by Steve T.
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This hollowpoint works well in my blackhawk. Accurate and it mushrooms well.
Date Added: 12/04/2019 by DANIEL P.
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I have been using this .452 225 grains SWCHP for a while now and the accuracy is outstanding in my 4
Date Added: 08/23/2019 by Sam D.
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These bullets proved to be dead on balls accurate in my repro 1871 open top Colt, was getting 2 1/2
Date Added: 11/07/2017 by Paul M.
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